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The Telecommunications industry presents the 3rd tier plastic manufacturer with a number of challenges. Volume, frequent tool changes, and the scale of the part are among those challenges. Telecommunications is the vehicle of growth in our economic system on both micro and macro levels. On a micro-economic level, companies build new and proprietary telecommunication networks to build empires. Some of these empires are AMAZON, WAL-MART and others whom build there prosperity on the back of telecommunication innovation. On a macroeconomic level, great telecommunications is at the center of overall economic growth. Telecommunications transistors and semiconductors utilize injection molded components and are in constant design flux. The race for speed and performance is decided by milliseconds and any deficiency could result in millions lost. At MAMCO we see the big picture and the role we play in these races. Our telecommunications clients require some 80,000 pieces per day and 100%  quality. If we miss our mark then the set back to the client is in many cases immeasurable, which is why that never happens. MAMCO Precision Plastic Injection Molding.


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