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These are trying times. For centuries now we have been in conflict around the world as it is our responsibility to protect and defend what we hold dear. Our brave men and women of the military have been tasked with this great duty on behalf of most us. Defense applications of injection molded products are vast and require depth in capability to be a "one-stop" source for multiple different products. The need for "military tough" products is something MAMCO Plastic Manufacturing can fill. With great pride we pour every resource into building products that are field ready and can withstand the volatility of military use. Functionality of some products in the field can determine whether someone lives or dies and there is no greater importance than that. The container shown below was designed and built for special forces to transport memory cards in the field where digital communication infrastructure is absent. Perhaps data critical to military operations was transported in this product that made a difference in someones life. That means something to MAMCO Plastic Injection Molding and it's teams. The seal of this product is air and water tight, yet it is a singe shot mold and requires no gasket to achieve proper closure. It was field tested by opening and closing a million times and still performed as well as the day it came off the line.


MAMCO-product-photos_injection moldingmilitary_chs090915.
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