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At MAMCO Quality is job security. Assurance practices at MAMCO operate at the cutting edge through the use of advanced Metrology devices and programs. AT MAMCO Precision Plastic Injection Molding, We know that quality is a matter of microns and precision is the only acceptable outcome for your product run. Our Quality Engineers are well-versed in the use of visual CMMs, touch probe CMMs, &  conventional measurement instruments. We currently run PC-DMIS 2018R2 to build measurement routine programs that translate to the HEXAGON 4.5.4SF touch probe CMM. Our shop floor CMM technology ensures that our customers receive products within the specified tolerance every time. Our Plastic Insert and Injection Molding service is the best in the business.

full screen Capture.PNG

PCDMIS and the Hexagon CMM  deliver unprecedented insights into our product runs. Custom reports like the one shown here give our engineers the surgically accurate feedback necessary to make adjustments upon startup and throughout production. Certainty equals seconds saved and time is money. Our CMM practices reduce waste, customer rejection and provide our clients with real-time data.

MAMCO Quality Checklist

  • Quality Manual/ Customer Specification Requirements

  • Previous Customer Concerns

  • Customer Feedback

  • Special Measuring Equipment

  • Special Fixturing

  • Critical Characteristics

  • Fit and Function Dimensions

  • Receiving Requirements

  • Packaging

  • Inspection Gages

  • Reference or Visual Samples

  • Statistics

  • Job Information Sheet

  • Control Plan/Critical

  • Layout Inspection

  • Capability Studies

  • RR Studies

  • Flow Diagram

  • PPAP Package Review

  • Approvals

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