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AEROSPACE Plastic Injection Molding

In this age of technological advancement we propel our selves across the sky and beyond at breakneck speed. Defense aviation, commercial aviation, unmanned aviation, and satellite deployments are in need of manufacturers that understand the complexity of product engineering and the stringent compliance specifications that co-pilot each project. At MAMCO Precision Plastic Injection Molding we know that design, engineering, and materials are put through some of the harshest conditions imaginable subject to  temperatures in excess of 3000 degrees and speeds in excess of Mach 25 (17,000mph). Our "CFT" (Cross functional Team) management model means that our clients are assigned dedicated engineers and project managers for each phase of the product life-cycle. The individuals that comprise that team are well-versed in the state of art, and are present from the very first meeting and remain in tune and available during development, production and delivery phases. Let MAMCO plastic injection molding be an extension of your company and be assured that our success depends solely on yours.


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