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For decades MAMCO Precision Plastic Injection Molding has been servicing the lighting industry's need for "high volume -- high quality" fixtures delivered on time and within budget. Industry giants such as GE, Phillips, and now Signify have entrusted the production of their residential, commercial and specialty lighting fixtures to the MAMCO Plastic Manufacturing team. In this our era of lighting automation, advancements in function have taken the industry to exciting new frontiers. With automation in mind, the stage lighting fixture shown above has an 18" diameter, 16 brass screw reception inserts, and 3 separate parts required for the assembly. This fixture was built with unmatched MAMCO precision and is designed for remote manipulation of lighting schemes. Our teams work tirelessly to achieve seamless movement of the dynamic components testing every piece as it comes off the machine with our Hexagon CMM machine. Corporate product design teams for the client have real-time access to our production enabling them to effectively manage expectations and make any required changes on the fly. On a part this large and dynamic variables such as span, material, pressure, clamp time type and 100s of other details make the perfect fit a moving target, but at MAMCO we have the technology and expertise to minimize these challenges. Whatever our clients need we find the way.


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